Aspire To Inspire Before You Expire

by CS1(X)

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released May 25, 2013

Written, arranged, produced and mixed by CS1(X) 2012 / 2013
Mastered by Chris Graham Mastering 2013



all rights reserved


CS1(X) London, UK

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Track Name: A New Beginning
Sleep walking to an avoidable crisis
Soldier on the same
Troubles come like buses

The great bear, tonight
Never looked so shy
Could he be just an emu in the sky?

This fate is A New Beginning
Track Name: Soul Purge
Push ups every morning
While he is still yawning
Yoga in the evening
Helps him with his posture
And his breathing
Meditation classes
Through rose - tinted glasses
Drinking lots of water
And thinking of the future
For his daughter

No, no
No more cigarettes please
He's on a Soul Purge

Spending quality time
With children in the sun shine
Releases endorphins
He forgot he had on Sunday mornings
Rising from the ashes
Of self induced narcosis
Taking each day slowly
And counting up his blessings
Not his losses

No, no
No more cigarettes please
(He's getting healthy)
He's on a Soul Purge
Track Name: Endless Possibilities
These Possibilities are Endless
The art of it all
A broken heart that can't be mended
Is no heart at all
A blank canvas that should be painted
With integrity
A little soul

Take solace in your own achievements
Boxes are checked
Some boxes may never be checked at all
If you meet the right girl
The only box really worth checking
Is never to kill
The only box really worth checking
Is never to kill
Track Name: Some Summer
Some Summer
Swimming in the city
Some Summer
Isn't it a pity that we
Can't get none
Of what they call the sun
Over there
Some Summer
So much for the party
Some Summer
Take heed in the parting of the
Heavens in the skies
Where the birds do fly
Some Summer
Days unfit for beaches
Some Summer
Where are all the peaches burning
In the sands
Lovers holding hands
By the sea
So free
Oh my, oh me
Oh me, oh my

Some Summer
Everyone is talking of it
Some Summer
The solar system's jaywalking
Across the universe
Has the sun been cursed?
Is it day or night?
With clouds that are more
Black than white
And even though we are
Mammals, not reptilians
A lack of sun makes for
Unhappy mammalians
Well, you've heard about May
She wasn't feeling too gay
And you have to admit
June, she wasn't up for it
But what about July?
What about July?
She just lies, lies, lies
Oh me, oh my
Oh my, oh me
I'm feeling S.A.D
Track Name: Dream ft. Launette
Ask me how I'm feeling
Comfortable with my own company, dear
Ask me if a life of solitude
Forever living lonely fills me full, of fear?

Somewhere in my heart
I Dream

Some advice can stay with you
In life
And cuddle up for comfort
Through the night, kid
Casting all the shadows
From your mind
Will help you lead a better
Life you'll find, I did

Somewhere in my heart
I Dream
Do you Dream?